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Preparing for College Golf 

by Coach Ronn Miyashiro UH Men's Golf, Coach Stephen Bidne, UH Women's Golf

Rules Clinic

by Gary Haynie of the HSGA

Sat, Nov 18 at Hawaii Kai Golf Course


Begins: Oct 20, 2017

Entry Deadline: Nov 10, 2017

Entry Fee: Free

POY Points 100



Junior must register to attend

POINTS:  100 Points for attending


Date:  November 18

Site:  Hawaii Kai Golf Course

Parents are also welcome to attend with your Junior.

Dress Code for Juniors:  OJGA attire and covered shoes.  Orange or Navy shirts


Check in:  8:45


9:00-10:00 Start: “ Preparing for College Golf” by Coach Ronn Miyashiro of the Mens UH Golf Team and  Coach Stephen Bidne of the Women’s UH Golf Team will be conducting a seminar for those that are interested in attending college on a golf scholarship.  Alumni Parents, Craig Nishiura (Mari’s dad) and Bryan Kaneshiro (Zack’s dad) will also be there to help with questions from a parent’s perspective.


At 10:00 this part will end.  All Juniors will move to the Rules Clinic, parents may want to hang back for a question and answer period which will be conducted by the coaches and the alumni parents.


10:00-10:15 break


10:15-11:15 Rules of Golf by Mr. Gary Haynie and friends of the HSGA

Location:  Bunker


Thank-you letters:

Coach Ronn Miyashiro

Coach Stephen Bidne

Mr. Gary Haynie

Mr. Craig Nishiura

Mr. Bryan Kaneshiro

Names of Mr. Haynie’s 3 assistants will be distributed at a later time.



Boys 10-under

Boys 11-12

Boys 13-14

Boys 15-18

Girls 10-under

Girls 11-12

Girls 13-14

Girls 15-18

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