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Parker McLachlin, PGA-Alumnus



Dean Wilson, PGA-Alumnus


Mission Statement

The Oahu Junior Golf Association (OJGA) an established non-profit organization was  incorporated in 1966, continues to grow and serve the youth of Oahu.  The Officers and Board of Directors of the OJGA, with support from parents and the golfing community, are dedicated to providing increased opportunities in competitive golf for the children of Oahu.

The OJGA is administered by an all-volunteer Board of Directors whose main goals are:

·         To introduce as many juniors as possible to the lifelong game of golf;

·         To develop the junior golfer’s knowledge, appreciation, and skill in the game of golf by conducting junior golf tournaments;

·         To instill in each junior a sense of integrity and honor which are inherent to the game; including golf ethics and proper golf etiquette;

·         To expose the juniors to the pride that comes with individual accomplishment and help them discover that through hard work, dedication and perseverance, they will build the character that will allow them to succeed and excel at whatever they pursue;

·         To help all junior golfer achieve and understanding and appreciation for the rules of the games;

·         Through playing on the OJGA tour, junior golfers meet others Worldwide and establish friendships that will last a lifetime.


Mail: OJGA
PO Box 1140
Pearl City, Hawaii  96782



Board of Directors


Norman Asao


Guy Yamamoto


Stephanie Matsunaka


Corresponding Secretary 
Sue Asao


Lesley Kaneshiro 


Assistant Treasurer 
Jay Hinazumi

Aloha Section PGA Representative 
Ed Kageyama, PGA



Kellen Floyd Asao

Roy Irei

Joey Itagaki

Julie Miyagi

Craig Nishiura

Joey Sakaue

Jimmy Sequin

Casey Nakama, Golf Pro  


Legal Counsel: 
Mervyn Kotake


Tournament Director:
Guy Yamamoto


Ethics Committee Chairs:
Dr. Paul Glen
Dr. Mike Kawate


P.A.T. Coordinator: 
Alan Kawada


Ghin Handicap Chair: 

Alan Kawada

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