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OJGA 36 Hole Championship

Sat, Oct 21 - Sun, Oct 22 at Mililani Golf Club & Ewa Beach Golf Club



Begins: Sept 4, 2017

Entry Deadline: Oct 7, 2017

Entry Fee: $60



Boys 10-under

Boys 11-12

Boys 13-14

Boys 15-18

Girls 10-under

Girls 11-12

Girls 13-14

Girls 15-18


Shirts:  Lets MIx it UP!!!  Navy or Orange on whichever  day you want!  Your Choice!


Day 1 we will sign a  thank-you frame

Day 2 we will sign a thank-you frame

POINTS:  200

AWARDS will be presented at the End of Season /Orientation in January 2018

Volunteers  needed!

REMINDER:  Ewa Beah Golf Club does not have a practice driving range.

National Ranked


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