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Parker McLachlin, PGA-Alumni

Dean Wilson, PGA-Alumni




Calling All

Tournament Ready Juniors!

The Oahu Junior Golf Association is a non-profit organization, incorporated in 1966.

All Juniors not a member of the 2013 season, please contact us at:

oahujuniorgolf@gmail.com for more information on becoming a member.

All returnees click on Sign up now!



Oahu Junior Golf Association’s Players’ Of The Year


L-R Kyra Tomita Girls 10-Under, Jacob Torres Boys 10-Under, Kamie Hamada Girls 11-12,

A.J. Teraoka Boys 11-12, Mari Nishiura Girls 13-14, Cole Shintaku Boys 13-14,

Iris Kawada Girls 15-18, Spencer Dunaway Boys 15-18




Oahu Junior Golf Association’s Junior’s Choice Award


Criteria:  The Junior’s Choice Award is presented to a Junior who is an excellent role model and representative of the OJGA.  Low golf scores are NOT important.  Instead, the selection is based on someone who exhibits a high sense of Honor and Integrity; has good work and play ethics; offers friendship and support to their fellow players; and has a love for the game and spirit of competition.  This award is voted upon by your peers.

L-R: Cole Shintaku-13-14, Noah Koshi tie Jake Sequin-10-Under, Hunter-Logan Kobayashi-10-Under

Davis Lee-11-12, Kamie Hamada-11-12, Cameron Kaneshiro-13-14, Spencer Dunaway-15-18

Iris Kawada-15-18




Lori Ige Memorial 36 Hole Stroke Play Championship


L-R Iris Kawada-Runner-up 15-18, Mari Nishiura-3rd Place 13-14, Ray Kim 4thPlace 13-14,

Kelii Kamelamela-Dudoit 5thPlace 13-14, Andrew Otani-3rdPlace 13-14, Cole Shintaku-Runner-Up 13-14,

Zackary Kaneshiro-Champion 13-14, Ryan Kunihisa-3rdPlace 15-18, Spencer Dunaway-Champion 15-18

Missing: Erica Chiang-Champion 15-18, Justin Chan-Runner-up 15-18, Malia Nam-Champion 13-14,

Alanis Sakuma-Runner-Up 13-14




The Iwalani Gomard 36 Hole Jr Championship


L-R: Jacob Torres-Runner-up 10-Under, Noah Koshi-3rdPlace, Jarryd Austin Sumoba-Gano-Runner-Up 11-12,

AJ Teraoka-Champion 11-12, Kyra Tomita-Runner-Up 10-Under, Elle Otani-3rdPlace 10-Under,

Samantha Matsunaka-3rdPlace 11-12, Minny Byun-Champion 10-Under, Kamie Hamada-Champion 11-12

Missing:  Go Nakatsukasa-Champion 10-Under, Tory Nakata-Runner-up 11-12




Oahu Junior Golf Association Presents the Bay View Golf Courses’ 36 Hole Championship


L-R: Kyungeun Lee-5thPlace 10-Under, Hunter-Logan Kobayashi-4thPlace 10-Under, Kyra Tomita-Runner-Up 10-Under,

Minny Byun-Champion 10-Under, Noah Koshi-5thPlace 10-Under, Jake Sequin-4thPlace 10-Under,

Joshua Chung-Runner-Up –Under, Jacob Torres-Champion 10-Under, Joshua Hayashida-10-Under 3rdPlace

Missing: Madison Kumai-3rdPlace 10-Under




The OJGA Presents the Pacific Links 36 Hole Jr. Invitational


Front Row L-R:  Davis Lee-3rdPlace 11-12, Kolbe Irei-Runner-up 11-12, AJ Teraoka-Champion 13-14, Donovan Billena-6thPlace,

MJ Kang-Runner-Up 13-14, Cole Shintaku-Champion 13-14

Back Row L-R:  Spencer Dunaway-Champion 15-18, Colin Laszlo-5thPlace 15-18, Acey Yanagishita-5thPlace,

Andrew Otani-4thPlace 13-14 and Zackary Kaneshiro-3rdPlace 13-14

 Missing:  Caleb Keohokapu-Runner-Up 15-18, Sian Rogers-3rd Place 15-18

L-R:  Jae eun Park-3rd Place 11-12, Mari Kunihisa-Runner-Up 11-12,

Kamie Hamada-Champion 11-12, Mari Nishiura-Champion 13-14,

Missing: Malia Nam-Runner-Up 13-14, Alyssa Poentis-Champion 15-18




Rookie of the Year Award

Criteria:  The Rookie of the Year Award is presented to a first year member in the division, who exhibits a good attitude, sound skills and a love and enthusiasm for the game of golf.

L-R:  Liam White-10-Under, Kelsey Ota-11-12, Zoey Yamamoto-15-18 and Jodi Torricer-13-14




Most Improved Award

Criteria:  The Most Improved Award is presented to a returning OJGA member who exhibited in marked improvement in their golf skills and competitive ability.

L-R: Kamie Hamada-11-12, Joshua Hayashida-10-Under, Reyn Kunihisa-13-14,

Minny Byun-10-Under, Spencer Dunaway-15-18 and Josh Tomita-11-12

Missing:  Alanis Sakuma-13-14 and Hannah Haythorne-15-18




The OJGA Recognizes the 2013 Callaway Junior World Representatives From the OJGA

L-R: Mari Nishiura-13-14, Zackary Kaneshiro-13-14, Kyosuke Hara-15-18, Jacob Torres-10-Under

Colin Laszlo-15-18, Noah Koshi-10-Under, Spencer Dunaway-15-18, AJ Teraoka-11-12

Missing:  Kaylee Akagi-10-Under, Nicolas Tanaka-10-Under, Go Nakatsukasa-10-Under, Kamie Hamada-11-12

Miki Manta-11-12, Kona Kashiwagi-11-12, Lorraine Char-11-12, Malia Nam-13-14